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The restaurant “La Santa”

La Santa Restaurante logo

The restaurant “La Santa” is located in a church that has been transformed over the years. A
symbol of tradition and avant-garde, this space fuses the original Victorian style of the building with the warmth and freshness of Catalan gastronomy.

In our kitchen, special attention is paid to the quality of our ingredients and the preparation process of each dish. We cook in a Josper charcoal oven, which allows us to maintain the
traditional flavor and aroma of the grill.

The essence of La Santa is transmitted in every meal to offer an unforgettable experience in a
place steeped in history.

The history of La Santa

In the 19th century the Batlló family began its construction with a Neo-Romanesque
architectural style, concluding their work during the Spanish Civil War.

This church was never consecrated and so it was finally able to become the restaurant it is

Sustainable and responsible tourism

We are firmly committed to tourism that contemplates conservation and respect for the
environment, promoting the social and cultural values of our surroundings.

The hotel “Angelats” and its sustainable approach allows us to help the economic
development of our community, using a slow food methodology and renewable energies.

The areas of the restaurant

The interior of La Santa invites us to delve into history, with its vaulted ceilings, stone walls and marble floors that are so typical of a church.

And, of course, the fantastic terrace that allows you to connect with the nature that surrounds the Hotel Angelats.

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